After School Programs

KLC courses open doors.

Our educational offer is enriched with a wide range of afternoon extracurricular activities. These workshops are designed to enhance and solidify socio-emotional skills and interdisciplinary competencies, unlocking each child’s talent and nurturing their interests.

The courses offered include:

  1. Music
  2. Soccer
  3. Dance
  4. Mini basketball
  5. English-language theater

But that’s not all: Exclusive Masterclasses are about to begin, conducted by “excellence” in the fields of art, robotics, sciences, and music.

Important note: The Theater and Robotics workshops, held at KLC School, are just around the corner. Enroll now to seize this opportunity.

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Hurry: registrations will remain open only until availability runs out.

To sign up or learn more, fill out the form-you will be contacted by our representatives as soon as possible.

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