KLC - Summer School 2024

Give your children an unforgettable summer!

KLC Summer School opens for enrolment!

🌞 KLC Summer School is back! 🌞

📚✨ Make your children’s summer an unforgettable moment thanks to the fundamental principles of this experience: learning and fun.

Our Summer Schools welcome children from 2 to 10 years old, and offer a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language while having fun.

👩‍🎓 Games, activities and workshops will be the leitmotif of a summer full of new friendships and discoveries.
All under the supervision of KLC Teachers, who will make learning English a natural, cheerful and interactive experience by achieving – at the end of the Summer School – the Certificate stating the abilities reached in English, an important goal for their growth.  🚀

Learning while having fun is possible with KLC.

📚✨KLC – Summer School: this summer our centers in Rome will be transformed into places of leisure and entertainment, offering a unique learning and hospitality opportunity.

At the Summer Camp, children aged 2 to 10 will be placed in a context of promoting bio-psycho-social well-being, aimed at strengthening their socio-relational skills.

With the «Children’s Recovery Plan» program, conceived by Dr. Perla Boccaccini, children explore their emotional experiences in a playful but scientific way, developing the emotional intelligence necessary to adapt to the world around them, supporting their development and their self-esteem.

And tht’s not all: through our Learning by doing method, little explorers will learn and live English every day with engaging and practical experieces!

At the end of the journey, they will receive a Cambridge Certificationn that will take them towards a bright future!

Sign up now for a summer of adventurous learning and language growth ! 📚✨

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      Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 8:00/18:00
      Weeks of service: 17 June to 2 August (7 weeks)

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      bilingual nursery-preschool-primary school in Rome | asilo nido-scuola dell'infanzia-scuola primaria biligue a Roma

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