Perla Boccaccini

A story capable of reaching those who can, or want to, see the world through the eyes of children.

Perla Boccaccini

Psychotherapist, specialist in health psychology

Through children's skills:
A psychotherapist's journey into the world of education to discover life skills

Seeing children through children’s eyes, seeing them in their full potential, inside a world that is pure and to be moulded and in which the adult must move with awareness, knowledge and immense love.

This is the gaze of a woman who has dedicated her life to total research, study and realisation of a path of growth and creation of realities where every child can ‘feel at home’, interact, be himself and become great.

In “Through Children’s Skills”, Perla Boccaccini shares her journey of life and studies, tells us how she came to develop her method and bring it to life in numerous projects, and narrates the experiences of mothers and fathers who trusted her new and avant-garde way of conceiving education and the child psyche.

And so, as she celebrates the 20th anniversary of her schools, grouped together under a common umbrella called Kids Learning Centre®, we can be certain that not only did that young student, who felt out of place in some traditional environments, realise a great dream, but that those who will be adults tomorrow are today growing up in spaces where they finally learn with education and love that each of us possesses the capacity to become a wonderful and limitless human being.

libro perla boccaccini - Attraverso le competenze dei bambini: Il viaggio di una psicoterapeuta nel mondo dell’educazione alla scoperta delle abilità per la vita

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