Three school structures and a new logo for an educational community that looks to the future

The Kids Learning Center is born, the bilingual education center for family health and well-being that brings together "AquAnieneKids", "I like going to kindergarten" and "KLC School"

“To educate a child you need an entire village”. Thus goes a well-known African proverb which aims to underline how important it is, in childhood, to feel part of a whole, of a large family that is at the same time a place of support and sharing for parents and a resource for the little ones.

To consolidate the profound sense of community inherent in the idea of school, our director Perla Boccaccini decided to bring together the three school structures she started under a single logo, reaching a new educational horizon.

Therefore, the Kids Learning Center (KLC) was born, the bilingual education center for family health and well-being, which aims to be a unique experience for all families who decide to choose KLC for the education and growth of their children.

“In addition to representing a pedagogical model – explains Perla Boccaccini – the Kids Learning Center aims to be a model of reference and psychological intervention.

The methodology applied to the center, in fact, takes the name of psychoeducational methodology and is based on the idea of creating an educational service capable of promoting a harmonious growth of the child and a better quality of life for families, through the development of life skills and support for parenting.

Through an experimental teaching strongly anchored to neuroscience, in the awareness that the child is, from birth, a competent individual who already possesses, potentially, all the resources necessary to edify the man who will be “.

In the three school structures, the proposed educational organization takes the form of a synthesis of knowledge, know-how and knowing how to be and is divided into a plurality of projects and contents according to the needs for age groups.

The Kids Learning Center includes:


Nursery with a sports segment, in which the protagonists of childhood evolution are the body and movement integrated into the emotional universe. Come and visit us in the Parioli district of Rome, inside the Aquaniene Sport Club.

bilingual nursery in Rome | asilo nido biligue a Roma


Bilingual nursery and preschool inspired by the Danish model of education for happiness.

We are located in the Eur district of Rome.

bilingual nursery-preschool in Rome | asilo nido e scuola dell'infanzia biligue a Roma


Bilingual equal primary school, centered on experimental neurodidactics and on the development of the person and their socio-emotional well-being.

Discover our center in the Ardeatina-Appia Antica district.

bilingual nursery-preschool-primary school in Rome | asilo nido-scuola dell'infanzia-scuola primaria biligue a Roma

At KLC we work to promote the well-being, autonomy and personal training of our children, operating in a bilingual and multicultural context. The international dimension of our center aims to enhance the diversity of children and to promote respect for each other, so that they can one day become “citizens of the world”

We believe in the union of our three structures in a single great brand and in the didactic method in charge of them, the backbone and banner of our vision.

Consistently, our Social channels will also come together in a single page that will collect all the initiatives of the three structures and which will tell, as always, the life in KLC of our children and teachers.

Our social can be found HERE