La lettura: uno dei migliori strumenti relazionali per i bambini

Reading: one of the best relational tools for children

From birth, our little ones use the parental attachment figure as a safe island from which to learn about the world: the same mechanism is put in place for the discovery of reading.

This is precisely the reason why the exploration of a new element, such as the book, requires the mediation of a parent, who is able to transmit the joy of discovery (initially shared and subsequently autonomous).

Despite the difficulty for our little ones to understand a structured story, reading aloud is a precious opportunity for contact with the melody of the parental voice and with its emotions.

In fact, shared reading promotes not only language skills but also the global psycho-physical development of our children.

Today at KLC we would like to provide our parents with some simple tips to enjoy this wonderful relational moment with your little ones:

  1. Respect the child’s attention span, catching signs of distraction. The repetition of the activity over time will increase the ability to concentrate;
  2. Build a special routine by sharing it with your little ones. This will instill a reassuring oasis in children;
  3. Buy books so that your children can look for them and pick them up independently, perhaps rediscovering them over time or reactivating the emotions of previous readings, to relive that emotionally intense experience;
  4. Choose not only according to their tastes, but above all yours, in order to make the emotional experience even more intense and engaging;
  5. After reading, encourage your children to comment and share your personal impressions;
  6. Take advantage of the stories for the exploration of graphic-pictorial activities that favor re-elaboration in the small.

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