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In a splendid Family Friendly location, the Aquaniene Sport Club, a nursery school with a sports segment has been realised, born from the initiative and experience of Dr. Perla Boccaccini, psychotherapist, specialist in health promotion and expert in the design of socio-educational spaces, who has been engaged for years in the creation of educational places competent in the promotion of well-being (Through Children’s Competencies. Ed. Bookness 2023).

The conditions that led to the creation of AquAnieneKids are to be found in the availability of state-of-the-art swimming facilities in Europe that the nursery school enjoys (located within the Aquaniene Sport Club facility in Rome) and in the profound knowledge of the developmental needs of children on the part of its founder, Dr. Perla Boccaccini.

Children of nursery age belong to a fundamental and often underestimated window of development in which much of the learning takes place and the development of the neurological channels that mediate these acquisitions. Launching a project to protect and promote children’s motor skills represents an opportunity for us both to counteract the sedentariness induced or determined by modern habits and to recognise the undisputed leading role played by the body in the early stages of human development. Experiencing with children the whole world of acting: swimming, rolling, walking, jumping, crawling and integrating it with the emotional universe means, therefore, to root the development of the child’s identity!

Our Services

Nursery School

From the first months of life, our educational staff accompanies children in their growth; stimulating their developmental processes and knowledge, thanks also to a space created and designed to enhance the processes of learning, socialization, affective relations, soliciting and developing important skills for life (Life Skills Education).

All educational activities take into account the “perceptual-motor,” visual and cognitive maturation of the child, adapted to the different stages of development achieved and aimed at achieving developmental goals in the areas of ‘identity, curiosity, autonomy, imagination and creative intelligence.


The methodological approach provides for the enhancement of play, as a resource and tool through which the child learns, carries out experiences and expresses himself by exercising the skills necessary to fit into an educational community; in addition, as in all educational services designed and managed by Kids Learning Center, a methodology called “psycho-educational®” designed and tested since 2004 by Dr. Perla Boccaccini (published in the book “Through Children’s Skills” by Perla Boccaccini) is applied.

Psycho-educational methodology draws its theoretical basis in the pedagogical model, the basis of all educational services, side by side with the model of health psychology.

The assumption underlying this new dialogical perspective can be traced to the belief that psychology, which has always been committed to the construction of a model of health and capable of enhancing the positive resources of the individual and of social coexistence, can make an important contribution in educational services, considered privileged places for the development and formation of the individual, thanks to its systemic and integral vision of the person (P.BOCCACCINI 2004).


Within our educational structure, English language proficiency is promoted from the very first months of life.

This choice was made to offer coherence to one of our Values: “promoting multiculturalism.

The knowledge of the English language, represents today, the privileged tool to become citizens of the world, an opportunity that we want to offer to all our children.

Our teaching philosophy uses active learning methods “Learning by doing” learning by doing.

Educational Environment

We have created an environment of concrete experiences and reflective learning capable of integrating, in a unified developmental process, the different forms of doing, feeling, thinking, relational acting, expressing, communicating, enjoying the beautiful and giving meaning by children.

At the center of our educational design is included the idea of “child centrality,” which sees the child as an active protagonist of its own growth, curious and interested in knowing and understanding, engaged in the complex work of its formation, the construction of its personality, and on the concept of the “new family,” recognizing its role as the first educational institution in the process of children’s growth and formation, and emphasizing the need for collaboration between the two educational institutions (family and school) that contribute to the formation of the child.

Our project also contributes to the affective development of the child through the establishment of positive relationships both with peers and with the various reference figures, professional educators, who work there.

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